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Introducing Debbie The Dog

Say hello to the ever faithful and kind hearted Debbie the Dog.

Debbie the Dog was so helpful and good, Always so kind to the whole neighborhood.

From clearing garages to painting a wall, Whatever the need, they all knew who to call.

When a car blew a tire in a big, busy street, Debbie the Dog would be there in a beat.

When friends were unwell, she would be by their side, If someone lived far, she would give them a ride.

From mowing the lawn to repairing a shoe, There was nothing that Debbie the Dog wouldn’t do.

She worked very hard and she worked very fast. “Don’t you wish for a break?” Debbie’s friends often asked.

With a smile, the dog answered, “Well, maybe one day. My dream is to visit a place far away,

I’d go on the beach of a tropical land, I’d swim and read books and I’d lie on the sand.

But life is too busy, so that cannot be, As all of my friends are relying on me.”

One day, her friends gathered, “That dog is a star! How can we show her how grateful we are?”

Mouse replied, “Debbie works hard every day, What if we give her a trip far away?”

The others said, “Yes! What a wonderful plan!” The following morning the plotting began.

When Debbie went out, they sneaked into her house, “We must hurry up, she’ll be back!” said the mouse.

They packed Debbie’s bag and they made her a snack, “And now we’ll just wait for our friend to come back.”

They waited a while, and when Debbie appeared, All of her friends clapped their paws and they cheered.

Mouse said, “To thank you for all that you’ve done, We thought you would like to relax in the sun.

Everything’s ready, we’re leaving today! So hop on my plane and we’ll be on our way.”

Debbie enjoyed being up in the sky, The world looked so tiny when watched from up high.

There were colorful clouds and a sun big and round. Hundreds of birds made a beautiful sound.

“Ready to jump?” asked the mouse with a grin, “It’s time for your week in the sun to begin.”

With her parachute on, Debbie jumped going “Wheeee!” And landed right next to a beautiful sea.

She read and she swam and she rested her eyes, So grateful and glad for that lovely surprise.