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Introducing Jeanette The Cat

Meet Jeanette The Cat and join her on her adventures as she flies in the skies with her hot air balloon.

Jeanette was a sweet though eccentric black cat, She always wore goggles, a scarf and a hat.

She traveled the world on her hot air balloon. She flew long and far, all the way to the moon.

There wasn’t a place that she hadn’t explored, As the brave, fearless cat didn’t like to be bored.

But one day, Jeanette woke up feeling quite low, As she suddenly thought, “I don’t know where to go!

I’ve seen every hill, every lake, every sea, The world doesn’t have new adventures for me.”

She talked to her granny who said, “Have no fear, The best of adventures is really quite near.

There’s a beautiful land where your wishes come true, The sky’s bottle green and the grass is light blue.

This place is called Dreamfield, where magic flies high, Its stars taste like sweets and the moon’s made of pie.”

“How do I get there?” said eager Jeanette, “By thinking about it” replied Granny Cat.

“At night, when you’re cozy and snug in your bed, You’ll need to imagine the land in your head.”

That night, in her basket Jeanette closed her eyes, She opened them back to a lovely surprise.

Her hot air balloon was now flying up high, In the warm, breezy air of a green-tinted sky.

Fluffy blue clouds smelled like sweet candy floss, The treetops were covered in strawberry sauce.

There were bountiful rivers of chocolate milk; They slid through the mountains as if they were silk.

The bushes were loaded with cookies and treats, Even the grass tasted pleasantly sweet.

“It all looks amazing!” she whispered in awe, Then all of a sudden it started to snow.

Colorful flakes spiraled down from the sky, “It’s ice-cream!” she said, as she gave it a try.

“What an adventure! My granny was right!” And from that day on she went back every night.

So now, close your eyes, and you’ll see, very soon, You’ll fly with a cat in her hot air balloon.