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Introducing Ron The Raccoon

Ron The Raccoon dreams of one day being able to fly with friends high in the sky.

In the thick, bushy forest, with tall, swishy trees, There was chirping of birds and the buzzing of bees.

Ron, the raccoon, watched them all with a sigh, And longingly whispered, “I wish I could fly.

All of my friends are up there, in the sky. I wish I could join them and learn how to fly.

I’d soar through the clouds with the wind in my face, I’d challenge the birds to a nail-biting race.

I would fly over mountains and play with the snow. I’d leap, way up high and I’d hover down low.

But that cannot happen, as much as I’d like. I’ll just stick to walking and ride my old bike.”

A shuffling of bushes made Ron turn around, He cautiously looked, trying to follow the sound.

A fluffy white bunny popped up, looking shy, “I heard that your dream is to learn how to fly.

I dream of that too! I’ve tried so many things, Like flapping my ears trying to use them as wings.

I tried hopping high, using all of my might, But I didn’t take off in a magical flight!

I sprung from big rocks but each time I just fell, I jumped from a tree… but it didn’t end well!

Together, I’m sure, we can work this thing out, Our odds will be better, without any doubt.”

So the bunny and Ron became friends straight away. Then something quite interesting happened one day.

They went to the village to visit a fair. “They’re selling balloons!” exclaimed Ron, “Over there.”

“Would you like a balloon?” asked the man at the stall, “Yes,” replied Ron, “can we please have them all?”

“I’ve got an idea, it might sound quite bizarre, Let’s tie the balloons to my bicycle's bar.”

With care and with patience they tied every string, Until the two witnessed a wonderful thing.

The bike started floating up high, in the sky, “We did it! We did it!” they said with a cry.

They soared through the heavens, admiring the view. They did all the things that they wanted to do.

And if you look up at the stars and the moon, You might see the shape of a flying raccoon.