Kids celebrating Children's Day by doing chores

Kids don't need Children's Day - Do your chores day

International Children's Day is

My children have had it too good for too long! This November 20th I will be turning my back on them, their over inflated egos are not in need of further inflation. Instead I will be ushering in a new era of parental libertarianism by celebrating 'Do Your Chores Day'.

Breaking the news to the children

Kid pointing finger at me as if to say go away
Kids give me an indication of their feelings toward 'Do Your Chores Day'

Being upfront and communicative with children is important, expectations need to be made clear from the get go. I decided the best approach would be to take the kids for a quick scoot in the morning and gently let them know that the best part of their day was almost over.

Making the beds

Kids working as team to make their beds
Making their Beds, first chore done for the day!

After a lengthy Three Way Monologue (TWM), a particular favourite in our household whereby 3 participants (specifically 2 children and 1 adult) simultaneously vent at each other without even as much as a single word heard, it’s time for some action. I told the kids to make their beds and begrudgingly got traction.

Doing the vacuum cleaning

Boy vacuuming the lounge in a frozen dress
The Boy singing 'Let it Go' and the Vacuum Cleaner doing harmonies

Elated with the eventual success of making their beds, I tried my hands on the next task at hand, vacuum the lounge. Surprisingly the Boy has really found his calling here and couldn’t be happier. He was belting out some really off putting verses of ‘Let it Go’ whilst really giving the floors a good once over. Good on ya buds, though really looking forward to some singing lessons.

Cleaning the dishes

Boy licking plate clean
The Boy cleaning his own dishes

At this point im starting to feel there could be some disgruntled workers, but they assure me that it’s actually my fault for not really communicating their task properly. They believe they have stuck true to the word and that the dishes are clean. Perhaps it’s just another fatherly learning and next time i’ll have to be more mindful in my explanations.

Wiping the bench

Kids working as team to make their beds
Kids are loving the Chores - Chocolate may have helped

All right back into things full swing, you guys are totally owning the cleaning thing makes me think we may be able to do this again. Hopefully there is enough chocolate in the world.

Take out the Rubbish

Kids wearing plastic bags on their head
Chocolate wore off and kids are wearing the plastic bags on their head

Chocolate wore off, now onto an emergency lolly pop. Ok so you guys will definitely need a shower…

Relax after a long day

Boy exhausted sitting at table relaxing
Relaxing after big day of doing chores

After such a long day take a moment to reflect on the day and embrace the fact that all will be normal tomorrow and that the parents will be there doing all this for you every other day of the year.