How Much Should A Toddler Weigh?

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Key Points

  • Toddler weights are typically represented as a range broken down by age and gender
  • Toddler weight changes constantly and is prone to growth spurts
  • Toddler weight issues are more prevalent than you might think, with 13.9% of toddlers considered obese
  • Weight needs to be monitored over time before rushing to judgement about any weight issues

Toddler weight can be a cause for concern to some parents, but if your Toddler is eating healthy and active, then there is likely no cause for concern.

Even so, Keeping an eye on their weight is always going to be a good idea, to make sure they are their development progress is on track and to make sure there are no concerns about weight.

How much should a toddler weigh? 80% of toddler boys will weigh between 8.8–11.7 kg (19.5–25.9 lb) at age 1 growing to between 14.0–19.0 kg (30.8–42 lb) by age 4, and for toddler girls, between 8.2–10.8 kg (18.0–23.7 lb) at age 1 growing to between 13.5–18.9 kg (29.7–41.7 lb) by age 4

What is the correct toddler weight by age?

It is not accurate to say there is a single toddler weight by age, rather, weights typical fall between some range where typical we would say the majority of toddlers fall between.

For the ranges displayed in the tables below, it would be accurate to say that 80% of toddlers weigh in-between the specified range for that age .

Weight ranges for girls and boys are also different so we provide both separately.

Weight by toddler age for boys

Below is a table containing the weight ranges for toddler boys aged between 1 and 5 years.

Toddler boy weight by age
Age Weight Range (kg) Weight Range (lb )
1 Year 8.8 – 11.7 kgs 19.5 – 25.9 lbs
2 Years 11.1 – 14.6 kgs 24.4 – 32.2 lbs
3 Years 12.4 – 16.5 kgs 27.4 – 36.5 lbs
4 Years 14.0 – 19.0 kgs 30.8 – 42.0 lbs
5 Years 15.7 – 21.9 kgs 34.6 – 48.3 lbs

Weight by toddler age for girls

Below is a table containing the weight ranges for toddler girls aged between 1 and 5 years.

Toddler girl weight by age
Age Weight Range (kg) Weight Range (lb )
1 Year 8.2 – 10.8 kgs 18.0 – 23.7 lbs
2 Years 10.6 – 13.9 kgs 23.3 – 30.7 lbs
3 Years 12.0 – 16.3 kgs 26.4 – 35.8 lbs
4 Years 13.5 – 18.9 kgs 29.7 – 41.7 lbs
5 Years 15.2 – 21.9 kgs 33.4 – 48.3 lbs

How much weight should a toddler gain?

How much weight should a toddler gain? Toddlers tend to gain more weight at age 2 than other years seeing weight gains between 2–3 kgs (4–6 lbs) and then slightly less in subsequent years gaining between 1.5–2.5 kgs (3–5 lbs)

These number vary greatly on a case by case basis

How do I know if my toddler is underweight or overweight?

According to the Center for Disease Control, a child is considered of healthy weight if they are between the 5th and 85th percentile for their age .

Toddlers are considered underweight if they are in the 5th percentile or less.

Toddlers are considered overweight if they cross the 85th percentile for weight (age and gender) and considered obese if they cross the 95th percentile .

Overweight Toddler

This might sound like weight issues in toddlers are less cause for concern given a child is considered to be obese only when they are in the top 5% of weights, however, its far more common than you might think.

Toddler weight issues have become more prevalent as overweight and obese toddlers have steadily increased since 1900.

...the combined global prevalence of childhood overweight/obesity rose by 47.1% from 1980 to 2013
Science Direct

In today's terms obesity affects as many as nearly 1 in 9 toddlers and the effects of obesity are not as easily noticed in kids as they are in adults.

...Obesity prevalence was 13.9% among 2 to 5-year-olds
Center for Disease Control

If you are woried about weight gain or loss in your toddler, please consult your doctor.

When should I worry about my child's weight?

Weight can fluctuate through out the day so a single high or low reading could be influenced by simple factors like diet so don't be alarmed by a single reading.

It is important to establish a consistent pattern over time first before making any determination as to whether there could be any weight issue.

Growth patterns are not linear as toddlers are prone to growth spurts which can affect weight measurements especially if taken before a growth spurt which could result in sudden changes.