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W-Sitting - What is it and is it Wrong-  Header Image

As a parent of a young child, you no doubt want the best for them in every way possible especially when it comes to their health.

Have you ever considered the impact of your child’s sitting position on their growth and development?

Walk into any preschool room and you’ll see some children sitting in what is referred to as a W-Sitting position; but what is W-sitting and is it good or bad?

This type of question is more common than you think and there is plenty of advice out there regarding this issue, both positive and negative. So, where do you begin? Let’s start with a general understanding of what exactly W-sitting is.

Teaching your Baby to Read-  Header Image

You may have seen those phenomenal ads that boast about teaching your baby to read. There’s a smiling mother and a bubbly infant cuddled together in front of a pile of cards. The mother holds up a card and, amazingly, this tiny genius reads the word aloud.

As this scenario plays over and over again, you are soon convinced that these miracle cards are a must-have for your own child. Now before you pull out your wallet, let’s stop and think about a few things.

Is there really a product that can teach your baby how to instantly read like a pro? Should there be such a product? The quick answer is: no. Like the old saying goes, if it seems too good to be true then it probably is. The truth is that early literacy skills develop over time. There really isn’t an effective way to turn your baby into a child prodigy overnight.

How to get a Toddler to Eat Veggies - Header Image

The fact that kids should eat their veggies is as old as time. Even the government-based website, , agrees with that, advising parents to fill half of their children's plates with produce. Why? Because they simply need them to get enough nutrients, grow strong, develop their brain function, and build a robust immune system that'll tackle any disease, from obesity to cancer.

Reason's For And Against Cloth Diapers - Header Image

Every parent knows that from the moment you bring your little one home, convenience wins over everything. That's why disposable diapers (someties called nappies) are the go-to for many parents who want to keep their babies (or non-potty-trained toddlers) clean.

But, fun fact: Disposable diapers (or single use diapers) aren't the only convenient choice in the book. Cloth diapers (or re-usable diapers) are also a viable option, especially for eco-conscious parents wanting to be more sustainable, and those looking for more skin-friendly baby products.

Should Kids Take Probiotics and What are They Really - Header Image

Probiotics certainly have the tick of approval for use by adults. In fact, you may have tried them yourself to remedy anything from gastrointestinal symptoms, to try to reduce the number of colds you get or to rebalance your good bacteria once it has taken a hit from antibiotic use.

But, should kids take probiotics too? The few studies into the use of probiotics in kids show mixed results so it can be difficult to know. And there are also a few caveats on who can and can’t take probiotics safely.

How to Know What Babies Should Wear to Sleep? - Header Image

Babies spend a lot of their time asleep, so it’s important you’re confident dressing them appropriately for sleep.

But, when it comes to babywear, it’s difficult to know where to start. After all, there’s just so much choice!

The most tempting items to buy as a new parent are often the most impractical. Once you’ve had bub for a few weeks, you’ll quickly realise what works and what doesn’t for easy nappy changes, a comfortable baby and no-fuss washing.

Effects of Screen Time On Toddlers - Should You Be Worried? - Header Image

With smartphones, tablets, smart TVs and gaming consoles in most Australian households, our kids are certainly growing up in a digital age.

Show any child a screen and they are mesmerised (much like we are). That’s what makes it so easy to flick on ABC Kids when you need to get dinner in the oven, or pass them your phone at a cafe so you can enjoy some adult conversation.

Is swaddling safe for your little one - Header Image

Often thought of as the perfect way to soothe a newborn, swaddling has been used to calm and comfort babies for centuries. Swaddling involves wrapping baby loosely in a breathable blanket. With the shoulder and head left free, babies allegedly feel calmed by the feeling of warm, gentle enclosure which swaddling can give.

With the benefit of modern knowledge regarding the practice, we take a look at whether it's of benefit, as well as consider how best to swaddle baby for optimal comfort and safety. Our team also tell you when to stop swaddling, making sure baby has the freedom to develop their motor skills when the time is right. If you are considering swaddling, this could help you make the decision that works for you and your little one.

Is It OK To Give My Toddler Gatorade - Header Image

The typical image that comes to mind when thinking of Gatorade, is that of a sweaty adult completing their half marathon in desperate need of replenishing their lost liquids. So why would you consider giving Gatorade or Powerade to a toddler.

Gatorade, like any other drink labeled a 'Sports Drink', is considered a rehydration therapy intended to to replace lost water as a result of physical activity formulated especially for adults.

Is It Safe To Microwave Baby Formula? - Header Image

Whether you intended to bottle feed your baby from the start or you had planned to breastfeed but had to supplement with or switch to formula feeding, you're not alone. A huge proportion of babies in the United States and around the world are formula-fed. The World Health Organisation found that 60% of babies are bottle-fed within four months of birth.

If your baby is formula-fed, you would know just how time-consuming it can be to prepare, heat, and clean all the bottles your baby needs on a daily basis. When you're stressed, low on sleep, looking after other children, and juggling all your other commitments, you're probably looking for any time-saving tips you can find to prepare your baby's bottles.

30 Strange Pregnancy Symptoms You Won't Find In A Pregnancy Book - Header Image

Pregnancy wreaks havoc on a woman's body. And while most pregnancy books will tell you that most of the changes don't start happening until you're at least a few weeks along, anecdotally many women know that’s just not the case.

While a missed period is the first official sign of a possible pregnancy, there are plenty of strange pregnancy symptoms that can be experienced even before a period is due and before it's time to take a home pregnancy test.

From bodily changes to food intolerance, strange happenings in your mouth, and a whole host of things going on in the bathroom, a lot can happen to a newly pregnant woman.

How Long Does Formula Last - Header Image

Baby formula is a relatively convenient way to feed your baby, it offers dad a way to step in and allow mum to skip a feed, and is a good substitute for breast feeding.

However there are moments when at some un-godly hour in the night you are staring at a hungry, tired and lets just say 'communicative' baby on one side and a bottle of formula on the other.

When To Give Toddler A Pillow - Header Image

You've safely navigated those often worrying baby years, and you now have a confident toddler, full of imagination and increasingly ready to explore the world.

While common infant concerns like sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) are no longer a worry, toddlerhood brings new questions and considerations to mind. It is widely accepted that babies should sleep without a pillow due to the risk of suffocation, but now that your baby has transitioned into toddlerhood, you're probably wondering when to give a toddler a pillow.

Organic Baby Formula - Header Image

While many mums will still opt to breastfeed as a first preference, this isn't always an option, and there are many reasons why formula feeding might be a necessity. Some mums aren't able to produce enough breast milk to meet the nutritional needs of their infants, and maybe for some breastfeeding isn't an option at all.

There are so many factors that come into play: time constraints, stress levels, returning to work, training regimes, travel, and more.

5 Not So Obvious Ways To Be A Good Dad - Header Image

Fatherhood is a social construct - one that has changed throughout history. In the 17th and 18th centuries fathers played a very active role in their children's upbringing, as any problems with a child were blamed directly on the father.

Industrialisation in the 19th century saw fathers move from a childrearing role to that of the family breadwinner and created the more familiar dynamic of the mother staying home to care for the children while the father worked long hours away from the home.

When Do Babies Start Walking? - Header Image

The first few years of a child's life are full of exciting milestones. The first smile, the first time they roll over, the first time they sleep through the night – sometimes it seems like your little baby is doing something new almost every week. Perhaps one of the biggest and most important milestones in every child's life is when they take their first steps and officially become a toddler.

When To Say 'Na Na' To Banana: Can A Toddler Eat Too Many Bananas? - Header Image

Remember the good old days when your baby was happy having milk for every meal? Now your baby has turned into an active toddler with a much more varied diet. While some toddlers love trying new foods and others are already showing signs of being a picky eater, most toddlers agree that bananas are particularly delicious.

This comes as good news to parents, with bananas typically being easy to source, easy to serve, and highly versatile. But what happens when your toddler takes the love of bananas to the next level?

Can A Toddler Sleep In A Freshly Painted Room? - Header Image

People are spending more time at home than ever before. While some people are using this rare opportunity to get fit, try a new interest, or pursue a home-based business opportunity, others are tackling home improvement projects they otherwise would have struggled to find the time to complete.

If your home improvement project includes applying a fresh coat of paint to some of the rooms of your home, you may be wondering can a toddler sleep in a freshly painted room? The answer to this question depends a great deal on several factors including the type of paint you have chosen and the availability of ventilation in the room.

Should I Let My Toddler Sleep On Floor? The Pros, Cons, And Reasons Why - Header Image

Have you ever crept into your child's room during the night, expecting to find them curled up in their cot or toddler bed, only to find your toddler sleep on floor?

As strange as it may sound, it's completely normal and relatively common for your toddler to suddenly express an interest in sleeping on the floor rather than in their lovely, comfy bed.

Do Toddlers Sleep More When Growing? And Other Questions About Toddler Growth Spurts - Header Image

Everything changes once your baby starts moving around on their own. Not only is your once-stationary child now busy exploring the world (and keeping you on your toes!), they're also entering their toddler years. If you thought your baby grew a lot during their first year, be prepared for toddlerhood and the rapid growth spurts that come with it.

Pragmatic survival guide to flying with a toddler - Header Image

Are you apprehensive about flying with a toddler? Many parents are. And not without cause because this is an entirely different experience than jetting off by yourself or with your significant other on a romantic holiday.

There’s no more packing at the last minute. No more relying on in-flight snacks to get you through. And certainly no chance you’ll be enjoying leisurely drinks at an airport bar before you board the plane.

7 Incredibly Easy and Nutritious Toddler Lunch Ideas - Header Image

We’ve all been there: It’s five minutes before lunch time and you realise you haven’t planned a meal. Then your toddler appears, seemingly out of nowhere, to sit whining at your feet because they're hungry and need lunch NOW. It’s no wonder we tend to throw together an unbalanced meal for our toddler at the last minute, or end up feeding them the same lunch three days in a row.

When can my baby sleep with a blanket? - Header Image

It's a chilly night, and your baby is all zipped up in their one-piece footie pyjamas. You lay them in their cot and they look back at you expectantly. You think of your own cosy warm bed, complete with sheets, blankets, and a bedspread or doona and you start to feel a little guilty. Why do you get to curl up and sleep with pillows and bedding while your baby has to lie alone in a cot with just a fitted sheet?

Vitamins for toddlers: do they really need them? - Header Image

It’s easy to walk down a supermarket aisle and pluck a bottle of children’s vitamins off the shelf. Maybe you’re concerned your toddler isn’t eating enough fruits and vegetables . Maybe you’re tired of the endless bouts of sniffles that cold and flu season brings every year.

These are common reasons for supplementing toddlers’ diets with vitamins. But, are they medically valid reasons?

Toddler formula vs infant formula: 3 important things you need to know - Header Image

There’s so much to learn when you’re a new parent. And feeding is certainly high on the agenda in those early years.

For parents who aren’t breastfeeding or are mixed feeding, understanding infant formula is a must. Finding formula (and bottles for that matter) that work for your baby doesn’t always happen overnight. And before you know it, you’re looking at the tins of toddler formula on the supermarket shelf, wondering if you need to buy it.

How much should a Toddler weigh? - Header Image

Toddler weight can be a cause for concern to some parents, but if your Toddler is eating healthy and active, then there is likely no cause for concern.

Even so, Keeping an eye on their weight is always going to be a good idea, to make sure they are their development progress is on track and to make sure there are no concerns about weight.

Organised sports for toddlers: are they worth it? - Header Image

With increasingly sedentary lifestyles, it’s important to encourage our kids to take part in as much physical activity as possible. It’s critical for their ongoing mental and physical wellbeing, but also to develop essential motor skills.

So, what are the best types of physical activity? Should you be aiming for more unstructured play, or enrolling in organised sports for toddlers?

What time should a toddler go to bed? - Header Image

Having a set bedtime is just one aspect of a consistent bedtime routine. But, it’s an important one.

After all, if you get the bed time wrong, you don’t just end up with bedtime battles that impact on your evening, but you might end up with unreasonably early wake times, and a cranky toddler throwing more tantrums, whining and making life a bit more difficult that next day.

How often should a toddler poop? - Header Image

Toileting is such a big part of parenting in those early years. From their very first day of life, we’re asked to monitor our little ones’ poo and wee output to ensure they are taking enough breastmilk or formula.

And the monitoring continues from infancy into toddlerhood. You’ve probably wondered: did my child have a bowel movement today or was that yesterday? When should I start toilet training them?

And lately, you might be wondering: how often should a toddler poop?

Why is rough and tumble play important? - Header Image

Children play in all different ways. Although it seems like just fun, it’s also how they learn a host of important skills - for now, but also to serve them well in adulthood.

To begin with, play consists of repetitive, gross motor movements in infancy (rhythmic stereotypies), and then develops into exercise play and rough and tumble play.

Can kids drink coffee? Here’s what experts say - Header Image

Has your child been asking to drink coffee? Maybe one of their friends is allowed to, or they are just desperate to have what you’re having.

If you’re someone who drinks several cups a day, you may be thinking, “what’s the harm?” But, because caffeine is a stimulant to the nervous system, it’s important to look at the very real effects it can have on the body before deciding if you’re ok with your kids drinking coffee.

Should toddlers attend funerals - Header Image

If you’re reading this article, you are probably attending a funeral soon.

We’re sorry for your loss.

You must be wondering whether your toddler should attend the funeral with you? This is an important question. And, there’s no right or wrong answer. It’s more about how the decision is reached as to whether your toddler should attend a funeral.

Drinking milk while breastfeeding: How does it affect your baby? - Header Image

Diet is a prevalent topic for women in general, and even more so when breastfeeding. When you eat a healthy, balanced diet, it doesn’t just give your baby an excellent start to life, but you look after your own health too.

Whether you should drink milk while breastfeeding is a commonly asked question. Let’s firstly address a myth: “you need to drink milk in order to make milk”. That is simply not the case, breast milk is produced by the mammary glands in your breasts and has a dynamic (ever-changing) composition.

Should parents knock before entering their kid’s room? - Header Image

Have you ever stood outside your child’s bedroom door and wondered if it’s time you started knocking? Perhaps you’ve never even considered it, as your usual style is just to barge right on in.

In this article, we will explore the idea that parents should knock before entering, and what needs children have for privacy as they grow physically, but also develop their own sense of self.